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Unaware of their bizarre fantasy

Le 25 August 2015, 03:43 dans Humeurs 0

Never met with the youth, but in the shadow You beauty. Never deliberately attention that ignorant young we are the wind or rain appearance, posture. But always remember that one Zen deep summer, always hiding in the shade of a tree, from time to time off a piece of the green leaves enjoy it to that moment of cool, not knowing at that moment and shake off the tree full of dusk.

The wind blowing through the breeze always bring the faint scent, often smell the fragrance thoughts always could not suppress floating to the distant place, total fantasy a butterfly's life, in the sun fly wing to wing, not alone, not lonely, ordinary simple happiness with a bit of sadness.

Like to stand in the open place, see Yunjuanyunshu, listening to their favorite music, each cool breeze blows obsolete always let his supercilious immersion. Wait until back to God looked at in the wind wanton dancing willow catkins, the sun hit the body, dazzling, but let it have the beauty of the rainbow, then hold your breath, think of their own careful thinking, some happy, some regret.

At that time we will care about others a joke, because some trouble things can't explain, or get desperation. Will because accumulation Chengshan work lie in the desk distress complaints, in each received false back to school in the busy rush job, because a little small You beauty achievement and get dizzy with success, often in the classroom Don't like wandering in a daze, the fantasy that one day with his idol encounter the scene. Imagine their future looks like, expect that not riding a white horse prince accompany him along the way to enjoy the scenery, expecting to accompany each other steady, will in the sea of people looking for that familiar figure, often with a helpless sorrow mood holding the unfinished diary.

Every day with a pair of haven't wake up is helpless expression came into the classroom, open the textbooks, however, when the end of the "prison" like life and patted his head recognize themselves to escape route to V in the desk scribbling, for the road, the problem of their brains, like in the examination after the end of unlimited indulge themselves, often to see results that a second bittersweet. In the teacher's eyes turn iron into steel under a strong indication of his efforts Medosan.

Like in the self-study class with their managed to queue up to wait until the novel to see a non-stop, risking a don't be careful to be found the risk of admiring inside each plot, see tears sentimental link, will not stop could not help but sigh while murmuring, from time to time caused strong dissatisfaction of the table, and he was lame said people do not understand anything. Look at the innocent expression of the people, he was on the side of the flowers. Of course, it's not too much to pull him down.

Walking on the road has countless times, the wind has accompanied countless days of vegetation, stepped on the steps of the countless days, every step of the passing of each step of the sweet memories, thinking of a picture of the occasional picture. Unaware of their bizarre fantasy.

Time flies, looking back now, the road gradually blurred, in youth tapering off the pace, to pick up that year that evening, youth is like flowing song, at your fingertips, in the ear, in the heart, flowing in the fleeting romantic dialogue, turning faces thin album, youth of the year, Miss distant.

Xinrusihui the loneliness

Le 27 July 2015, 08:26 dans Humeurs 0

Thirteen years of loneliness, who knows? Through human flourishing, look through the vicissitudes of life, a lonely heart in red dust drifting. Years such as water, quietly flowing, I am water gently a leaf boat, see countless beautiful scenery on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, listen to sweet voiceless companions. Qingshan leisurely, curl smoke, flowers; wind flute playing, miu flowers, flowers fall melancholy, sigh desolately grass, birds euphemistic crowed. Once the beauty, in the flash, in the memory of the echo.

The wind gently blowing, skip the heart that a wisp of faint sadness, the wound has not healed, I do not know this wind will to what time? Very painful, very painful. Silent, the wind had no trace, no trace of flowers, clouds in the sky who collected? The crimson who embroidered? Who will take the wild flowers on the earth? Let the fragrant flowers in the heart flowing, let the clouds in changing scene in the eyes; let the sunset crumple in the heart lake microwave. But he who sees that all the beautiful are clouds of life and dream all is not the end of the scenery, all imagination is in the dream the flower falls know how many vicissitudes of life feelings. The once beautiful, in the heart lake dangling, just passing scenery have already see through, leaving a heart broken heart in tears melancholy.

Eolian picturesque, ink, such as paint, review, lights wanes to the close searching, just across the mountains and seas, to fly around the moon and chase the clouds, I in the dark night vacillation, it in formation in the daytime, the rainbow bridge, two different space, different on both sides of the scenery, two different situation, ask who can shoes for temporal and spatial barriers, I and illusory dreams around a in a circle, circle around obstacles, around 10000 in sadness, around the a no regrets youth? Dreams sometimes need to be there, and there is no time to dream. Who don't understand this truth, but I so desperately often trouble my heart, sink and is the seat of a singular danger incomparable peaks in the autumn, I in staged a kuafuzhuiri tragic drama; in the Caspian autumn dry into a wheat that shakes the barley, I in the Caspian crop watch the golden harvest, watch a golden dream. Emptiness itself, can't get is forever pain, family vanity of vanities, excluding eternal ethereal, a to no greed, is no longer attached to the world Gongchoujiaocuo, Shengge every night, I am afraid it is an excellent destination.

What dreams are, does not seem to have a clear outline. When I was a child, dream to get a grain of sweet candy, including in the mouth, sweet in the heart; youth and dream to get lucky money from small, storage for a long time, but reluctant to use; when the flowering and dream about a vigorous love, but only a person's own unrequited love. University, dream to find a decent job, a dream of their own dreams, but eventually vanished.

What dreams are, seems to be just the need for affection. Dream of not being a person alone in a lonely city, I live in my own world. There is no friendship, no love, no passion, there is only a sad and lonely search. I in castle prison, overlooking the outside world, see everyone smile, see they walk hand in hand, active steps taken in the hope of field, wanted to, abandon the gloomy cold dark of the city, went to the flowers, and they run in a fun piece of gold in, cheering, talked about the present and future. But, I have encountered that deep and heartless injury, no longer escape their own cage.

What is the dream, it seems a distant dream yao. Dream in the surf text world, roam in the sea of words in the text, drunk flowers. Work steadily, a blizzard of a cold, a spring breeze green, a wisp of light a truth, a wind over time. With the scenery of the four seasons, the mood of the four seasons. Text is a touch of bright color, smeared with my blank mind l text is first long lasting appeal of songs and treat my sadness of heart the wisps of bright red; the word is warm sunshine in the winter, the warm I already disillusioned, Xinrusihui the loneliness.

Eventually, or a person, hold their own dark castle, by writing to keep warm, that a little friends like intimate, like Valentine's guard, like family care, like the emptiness of sustenance, the power of the written word can only do that?? I don't know. Beautiful mood, not by a short writing career accumulation and; sad and lonely, not by the appearance of text warmth cover airtight; strong fearless, not by writing several pretending to be inspirational and forceful prose can achieve; out of the castle, and embrace the outside world, no life-long reading ten thousand books, from Lilu understanding is not long.

romantic youth lines

Le 29 June 2015, 05:10 dans Humeurs 0

In 2015 the passionate and rainy summer dawn inkjet printer hk, I breathe the fresh air, alone set foot in Merlin lotus hospital, standing on the shore of the bay that fragrant lotus pond, carefully appreciate this pool of scarlet green blooming lotus, in the morning a plume of Ying Ying aroma, the 2015 summer romance is more quiet beauty. The slightest summer morning with rain in the breeze, kissed the Bay in the lotus pond, green and scarlet bloom numerous modesty lotus, in the sky dream of Merlin meandering out contaminated Cecil strands of Dutch rhyme warm sweet and charming. Merlin's heart, like this summer pond dense a glittering splendor scenery, full of the atrium. Is like a touch of fresh fragrance smell filled in Liantang shore of North, South, East and West, give me the lingering period of a handful of Acacia feelings, contracted a pregnant soaked red dyed green distant yearning; summer morning breeze, blowing and swaying Merlin heart that a plume Yang touching and romantic; with 2015 lotus fragrance of summer time into in my youth splendid leisurely time. Cherish the lotus and deeply rooted in life and soul, flying in the sky with a drunk Huailian rhyme fragrance of Merlin lotus hospital mask house.

I feel the fragrance of lotus pool happy moment, sit in Liantang stone, around All sounds are still. morning. My love, in a ray of lingering endless thoughts and seeped through the Yuanshanjinshui Bay pond floated faint Lianxiang, I feast for the eyes to enjoy a Lianxiang and Dutch mingled with the Acacia. So Merlin lovesickness feelings in the lotus flowing in the spread of the Dragon Boat Festival, leisurely suffused, miss distance charming you, in Merlin Bay lotus heart quietly shuttle; I to you gently, open a window of heart, quietly diffuse tours with a distant Bay pond shore floated bursts of Lianxiang. At this time at the moment I, with a kind of passionate overflow you charming Acacia and worries, gently put the missing stop wandering around the pond, I let a ray of Lianxiang slowly flows through the pond. The summer breeze blowing, drifting into the bay of Merlin bearing institute, so pieces of fragrant lotus flowers spread brilliant purples and reds, touch with Dutch rhyme floral emotions in Merlin dance, red pond Bay Shore Merlin throbbing thoughts; I faint lotus lotus charm, let a heart gradually quiet down mask house, I have to be overcome by one's feelings and sentimental heart, you step into a charming Liantang Bay, trying to find you once I left in the life that a yearning for, a solemn pledge of love; I know deeply in the fan had opened the door of our love, a distant shore, like the young Merlin Bay pond, you and I used a pair of warm eyes in the most gorgeous meditation lotus to watch.

The ends of the earth, the end of time, my love the amorous rainy in summer, in the coast of the bay of Liantang for you, only for you light dance float in the sky. My love, in the lotus jiaoyanyudi Rui, leisurely blooming for you. The heart you, dream of you, a gold sparkling lotus fragrance for you. Because of the dream, the dream has you, my lovesickness affection gives more contaminated Amethyst billow Acacia feelings of charming; because of you, the inner world of the Merlin welled up in countless Acacia abundance, because you and the blossoming charming amorous and lotus, in Merlin season lotus flower in full bloom in the pan fragrant into a Que que beautiful and romantic youth lines.

I borrowed two zero one five summer passionate years, watch in the fragrance of a bay hawthorn of Xinyue morning, I put love and my thoughts into the slender attachment, thriving in a touch of Lianxiang Ying Acacia, lush foliage in the bay of green mountains and blue waters rhyme of lotus pan fragrant Merlin's Lotus hospital, just waiting for your morning flocking to the mountains, visit the pick lotus hospital sparkling Merlin lotus rhyme flow fragrant slender and graceful emotion. I want to use a single overflow you Dutch rhyme Lianxiang soft and moist heart, lost languishing in the summer of Acacia, the star that covered with lotus rhyme floral youth heart, at that moment, the soaring the cocoon flying wings.

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